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About ​the Website

"Intellectual Property WebSite" is an integrated website that integrates intellectual property education, scientific research, professional exchange, policy legislation, judicial litigation, administrative law enforcement, enterprise innovation, and lawyer services, etc., involving the creation, use, operation, protection and service of various intellectual property rights.

In October 2011, “Intellectual Property WebSite” was initiated by Professor Jiang Zhipei and Liu Wei, a Chinese intellectual property professional. In January 2019, Professor Jiang Zhipei set up the “Intellectual Property WebSite (Hainan)” channel in Hainan, from Beijing HuiFeng ZhiCai Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. and HuIfeng Zhicai Technology Center are responsible for maintaining operations.

"Intellectual Property WebSite" uses the domain name: www.ezhicai.com ; "Intellectual Property WebSite (Hainan Channel)" uses the domain name www.iprlaw.cn ; www.ezhicai.cn and 智慧财产.cn ; It includes Chinese and English versions.

The website is mainly composed of the council, the editorial board, the intellectual property finance law research institute, the Jinzhicai lecture hall, the practice operation organization, etc. (training department, company, lawyers, etc.).

Intellectual Property WebSite (Hainan Channel) Positioning: Hainan, an international perspective, for the "cross-strait three places" and international Chinese and businesses, natural persons and organizations doing business with Chinese, dedicated to providing high-level intellectual property creation, management, use, protection and professional services for dispute resolution.

"Intellectual Property WebSite (Hainan Channel)" adheres to the following concepts and promotes the following processes:

Knowledge is transformed into wisdom, wisdom is transformed into property, intellectual property is transformed into wealth, and information technology is the bridge and link for the development of intellectual property;

Focus on intellectual property rights – the whole process of generating, managing, operating and protecting intellectual property;

Covering intellectual property rights - all elements of intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, patents, scientific and technological achievements, trade secrets, etc.).

The Intellectual Property WebSite is embodied in an international blue, neutral, objective and detached from the websites of various entities, units and systems, and is more independent, fair and convenient.

"Intellectual Property WebSite (Hainan Channel)" has international, universal and succinct features, and sincerely invites you to cooperate and win-win.

Intellectual property includes: patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, new plant varieties, layout designs, anti-unfair competition rights, standards, antitrust rights, etc.

The generation and maintenance of rights include: registration, registration, authorization, licensing, transfer, management, evaluation, dispute, invalidation, administrative law enforcement, litigation, enforcement, mortgage, pledge and other services.

The main subjects of the service include: government, enterprises, partnerships, natural persons; international organizations, multinational corporations, foreign enterprises, etc.

It involves legal, lawyer, agent, notary, judicial and administrative law enforcement personnel, academics and students in the school, such as production, learning, research, government and services.

Dispute resolution includes: settlement, arbitration, litigation, mediation, and administrative disputes.

The current main business of "Intellectual Property WebSite (Hainan Channel)" is:

Online and offline consulting services for intellectual property law application and complex dispute resolution, and recommend quality teams to provide “one-stop” service for offline dispute resolution;

Under the premise of increasing the number of website visits, try to launch online advertising information publishing business, including online recommendation lawyers, legal affairs and other legal teams, and publish business and activities such as recommending corporate brands;

Introduce professional training and IP products in the field, online and offline.


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"Intellectual Property WebSite (Hainan Channel)" welcomes the manuscript, and the original and the first release are favored.

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